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ATID chooses business opportunities from universities, venture capital, investment funds and startups on a daily basis.

Founded in 2006 with the aim of mediating and facilitating scientific and commercial relationships in the world of medtech, pharma and digital health, the mission of ATID is to build a bridge between the different players involved in the development of an innovative product, process or service such as research institutes, companies (like SMEs, startups), investors in order to create added value and enhance industrial and academics exchanges between entrepreneurial realities.

Over the years, ATID has gained a deep know-how in this sector, specializing more and more in the field of a wide-ranging due diligence, from research to the technical-commercial development of an innovative product up to the achievement of certificates like CE or medical devices, released by the reference bodies, on behalf of public and private entities, in Italy and Europe.

ATID is a factory of consolidated expertise, relationships and partnerships, enhancing to be the ideal partner for technical and commercial development of your ideas.

You will have the right way to penetrate the global market and access to the world of innovation.

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