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Taffix™ - Nasus Pharma

Nasus Pharma developed Taffix™ - an innovative nasal powder inhaler that is able to effectively block allergen and viruses, including  COVID-19, from reaching nasal mucosa.

The nose is the main gateway of airborne droplet viral infection to the body. Taffix™ is a significant protective tool for preventing allergen and viral infections, including COVID-19, in addition to the multiple preventive measures taken today.

Nasus Pharma’s unique compositions and manufacturing technology generates uniform microspheres. Based on this technology Nasus Pharma developed HPMC based nasal powder – Taffix™ - that creates a thin uniform gel over the nasal mucosa and mechanically prevents allergen and viruses from reaching the nasal epithelium, including  COVID-19. More information here.

ATID is a selected collaborator in Italy.

On last 12 December 2020, Andrea Bocelli held an online worldwide streaming concert at one of the most enchanting places in Parma: Teatro Regio.  The live show has involved an incredible number of artists, musicians, technicians and protection of the event has been guaranteed by Taffix™.

How  does Taffix it works? It's very simple: check out the video below.

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