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ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) to stand upright, walk, turn, climb and descend stairs.

ReWalk is a wearable exoskeleton, equipped with sensors and motors that activate the movement of the hips and knees. Used in combination with Canadian canes, ReWalk enhances people walking without the ability to move the legs, after spinal cord injuries.

ReWalk is useful both for obtaining greater autonomy of movement at home and for outdoor routes, on flat ground, at a maximum speed of two kilometers per hour, or 50 percent of the average walking speed of an able-bodied person.

ReWalk does not replace the wheelchair, but allows you to spend a few hours of the day in an upright position and with the possibility of walking.

The advantages of using an exoskeleton are not limited to walking: the recovery of the upright position has important positive effects also from a physical point of view.

Our body is in fact designed to stand up and the recovery of an upright position restores naturalness to heart activity and blood circulation, intestinal and sphincter functions.

The rhythmic stimulation of the neuromotor system of the lower limbs - another effect of the use of the exoskeleton - activates the circuits no longer connected to the brain due to injuries, allowing the maintenance of physiological muscle tone and reducing the risk of complications, such as spasticity and deformations articular.

The first exoskeleton to receive FDA clearance for personal and rehabilitation use.

ATID carried out research and development of ReWalk project in Italy, coordinating clinical trials, obtaining CE certificate and promoting the project.

Thanks to an agreement with ATID, signed on last 2019, ReWalk is now distributed in Italy by Progettiamo Autonomia Robotics SRL.

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