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Brainsway’s system begins a new era in brain stimulation and research. This non-invasive and effective treatment activates deep brain structures by using directed electromagnetic fields that generate excitation or inhibition of neurons.

Invented in 1980 and used as a diagnostic tool, Trans-cranic Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive technique, used to transfer short magnetic stimulation or activation pulses to nerve cells.

Brainsway's Deep TMS H-Coil System is the unique technology capable of allowing direct non-invasive activation of the deeper brain structures.

The pulses are delivered by passing high voltage currents thanks to an electromagnetic coil, placed next to the patient's scalp. The impulses induce an electric field in the underlying brain tissue and, when the field thus obtained exceeds a certain threshold and is directed with the right orientation in relation to the neural pathways of the brain, localized axon depolarizations are produced, thus activating the neurons of the brain structure.

Many neurological and psychiatric disorders are associated with abnormal patterns of neuronal activity in the deep regions of the brain. These regions cannot be affected directly, but only indirectly, through secondary processes that involve the cortical structures, activated directly by the TMS and hit the deeper structures.

The unique project behind the Brainsway's Deep TMS H-Coil System allows the creation of electromagnetic fields capable in turn of producing excitation or inhibition of neurons in the deeper brain structures, in a non-invasive way.

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