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SpectraLIT™️ allows you to develop an immediate, portable, and affordable detection device, empowered by AI and based on spectral profiling of substances, including COVID-19

SpectraLIT™️ is a development kit based on Newsight’s spectrometer-on-chip. It allows for spectral profiling of substances in wavelengths between 400 to 700 nm in a matter of seconds, including COVID-19. The next generation of SpectraLIT™️ will be able to support wavelengths between 400 to 1100 nm.

The kit will allow diagnostic and analytical companies a fast market introduction of a portable, and low-cost diagnosis device. SpectraLIT is controlled by a Windows-based demo SW that displays, analyzes and stores the spectral profiles of the tested substance.

These are the keys performance of SpectraLIT™

  • High resolution

  • Low cost

  • Thousands of spectra acquisition per second

  • Portability

We are selected partner in Italy.

More information here:

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